Why Basin? Employees bring skills, watch them grow


Bismarck is a great place to call home

Any visitor who sits down in Angela Dockter’s fourth-floor office can easily see how excited she is to be back in Bismarck, ND.

“I absolutely love Bismarck. This is home to me. I am so proud to be from North Dakota,” says Dockter, a buyer at Basin Electric Headquarters.

When she was in college, Dockter interned at Headquarters for two years, working in both the Accounting and Information Systems and Telecommunications (IS&T) departments. After getting married, having two kids and living in Nebraska for five years, she was thrilled to return to Basin Electric.

“It’s always kind of been a goal of mine to get back to Basin,” she says. “I was so impressed with Basin as a company that the work that I did from my internship to now was all kind of experience gained to get myself back here.”

Basin Electric appreciates the skills employees bring to the table

Since the end of her internship with Basin Electric, Dockter developed a strong skillset, one the co-op wanted.

“They do a really good job of looking for the experience that they think is necessary,” Dockter says. “I had to earn my way, get the experience that is necessary.”

Employees can grow within the co-op

Dockter believes a professional never stops learning. Upon earning her place at Basin Electric, she’s been grateful for the guidance she’s received from other employees. Watch the video.

“Somebody is always willing to help,” she says. “I do not feel like there’s anybody here that I cannot approach.”

A strong community presence

Because of the camaraderie that can be found at Basin Electric, the cooperative has developed a sense of pride in the communities it serves.

“They really pride themselves on the quality of employees they have here. It speaks volumes, and it shows in the volume of work that goes through,” she says. “There’s a great reputation that Basin has within the community, and it’s because they value their employees so much.”

Working at the co-op is fun

Not only is Basin Electric a reputable employer of choice, but there is a fun atmosphere at the co-op. Dockter spoke of a recent “tailgating party” Headquarters put on, during which employees enjoyed an outdoor barbeque while wearing football jerseys and jeans.

It’s activities like the “tailgating party” that make Dockter feel at home with Basin Electric. Of course, there is one other benefit, in particular, that brings her comfort.

“One of the perks to working at Basin is this amazing cafeteria they have, and I’m not just saying that because my mom is the cafeteria coordinator,” Dockter says. “She runs it like she runs her home kitchen. She puts a lot of love and TLC into what she does, and she’s very good at it.”

Dockter says the cafeteria is the central gathering point for employees. When she looks at Basin Electric, it’s features like the cafeteria and supportive employee unit that make her feel part of the co-op family.

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