Give an everlasting gift (from Das Gute Essen blog)

Germans from Russia Hertiage Tourism

Credit: Germans from Russia Hertiage Tourism

We’re sharing this blog post because it gives a shout out to KEM Electric Cooperative, a Basin Electric Class C member headquartered in Linton, ND, and to all rural electric cooperatives in general.

Das Gute Essen (the good food in German) is a blog that follows a journey to preserve the food culture of the Germans from Russia.

The gift mentioned in the title is a cookbook written by the Germans from Russia who still live in McIntosh, Emmons and Logan counties today: Germans from Russia Cookbook Project

An excerpt from Das Gute Essen:

Everyone said, “We don’t need another cookbook. Everyone is printing a cookbook.”

Well, this book ended up more than a cookbook. It was a peek into the past, whether we remember it or our parents or grandparents. There’s something spiritual about the book. And, I’m not bragging when I say we have sold more than half of the printed copies.

Think of what a wonderful gift this book would be for someone who is interested in food or history. Or maybe someone who lives a long way from here but has roots in North Dakota. The Tri-County Tourism Alliance receives 100 percent of the proceeds from the book. The money is going to be used, wisely we hope, to further capturing the culture of this unique group of people while we still have the opportunity to speak to them directly.

September’s issue of the ND Living Magazine had a nice write up about the book. October’s issue will feature me with my grandkids and a recipe from the book. Kem Electric’s center pages will feature the alliance and its work. WOW. We love ND LIVING and the Rural Electric Cooperatives. Read more…

Read the stories in ND Living:
September 2013: ND Living – Sept. 2013 with fleischkuchle and fried knephla recipes
October 2013: ND Living – Oct. 2013 with pumpkin pie and butternut squash bread recipes

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