Why Basin? Road to cooperative is adventure worth having

Katie Sussen

People at Basin Electric care about one another

Katie Sussen hasn’t had much of a chance to decorate her office since starting at Basin Electric Sept. 3. But she says the bowl of Halloween candy that rests near her guest chairs is the only truly important office accessory for the time being.

The manager of marketing financial analytics thrives on meeting new people, and the candy is a perfect way to break the ice with her co-workers.

There is a friendly and supportive group of professionals at Basin Electric, and earning a career at the co-op is a doorway to great opportunities.

Basin Electric: A worthy adventure

For Sussen and her family, leaving St. Louis, MO, to work at Basin Electric Headquarters in Bismarck, ND, just felt right.

“We thought it was a good time for an adventure,” Sussen says. “It’s kind of a refreshing change.”

Sussen previously spent five years with Ameren Missouri in St. Louis. Coming from an investor-owned utility, she’s familiar with the energy business, and is excited to learn more about the co-op hustle and bustle.
“I’ve really just loved this business,” she says.

The co-op is growing

The married mother of one works on the second floor, and Basin Electric’s new trading wing is her playground.

“It’s an exciting time to be a part of this company,” she says. “It’s thrilling. Everyone learns so much in the process.”

Employees, community offer support to newcomers

St. Louis is a long way from Bismarck, and Sussen explains the people at Basin Electric and the local community helped her family get comfortable in their new setting. She describes co-op family members as kind.

“You’re always really nervous, especially moving so far away from home,” she says. “Everybody was just really nice.”

Sussen’s family is made up of her husband, Chad, and her young son, Jack. Thanks to the kindness they received from caring people around the co-op and the community, she was able to find a great place to live and day care that is close to home.

“There are good people here,” she says. “Jack is flourishing in day care. My husband got a job right away. We’re falling right in.”

Basin Electric has a strong reputation

Basin Electric is known for its professional and charitable works, which employees like Sussen can appreciate.

“Every person I talk to wants to work at Basin because we have such a strong reputation,” she says. “Basin is a very employee-focused place. They want to get great people and they want to retain good people.”

The co-op offers great benefits. Watch the video

Sussen is also thrilled with the exceptional employee benefits that come with a career at Basin Electric. She says the co-op’s benefits package is, by far, the best she’s seen.

“I pay a quarter of what I paid previously for health care for my family,” she says. “That’s substantial.”

Professionals have an opportunity to grow

But perhaps above all else, Sussen is eager to step up to the plate and continue to hone her professional skills through Basin Electric.

“I love having the opportunity to learn and be challenged,” she says.

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