Cooperatives sponsor radio show to help South Dakota ranchers

The devastation following Storm Atlas, the major snowstorm that hit South Dakota, North Dakota and Wyoming Oct. 4-5, is still being counted. In power poles down, people without electricity, livestock lost, and lives affected.

While the damage to infrastructure can be fixed with hard work, fixing the damage done to the psyche of the people takes more time.

Dr. Michael Rosmann, a psychologist and farmer, will appear on radio stations throughout South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Minnesota and Nebraska, to give ranchers and farmers advice on how to deal with the terrible losses they endured. Rosmann will discuss the typical reactions to losses that occur with an unexpectedly severe storm, the stages of adjustment, how to deal emotionally with losses, tips for dealing with turmoil and grief, what to look for in self and others as signs of stress, and how to build resilience for future traumas.

The rural electric cooperatives that serve the areas affected in South Dakota and Basin Electric have sponsored the radio show to run Oct. 24-25 at 2-3 p.m. Central Time. Listeners should tune in to “Live with Jim Thompson” on one of the radio stations listed below or log on to to listen online.

“Live with Jim Thompson” reaches 250,000 regular listeners, and with the addition of partnership radio stations will reach even more.

In South Dakota: KBRK 1430 AM, KBFS 1450 AM, KBHB 810 AM, KBJM 1400 AM, KDLO 96.9 FM, KWAT 950 FM, WNAX 570 AM
In North Dakota: KXDI 93.9 FM, KPOK 1340 AM
In Montana: KYUS 92.3 FM, KMTA 1050 AM
In Wyoming: KASL 1240 AM, KYDT 103.1 FM

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