South Dakota Rancher Relief: How to help

Courtesy: Montana Ranch Girl blog

Photo credit: Montana Ranch Girl blog

If you ever needed a good reason to start a Twitter account, this may be it.

Just a couple minutes work, and you can donate money to help South Dakota ranchers recover from the major snow storm that devastated the western part of the state.

Tonight from 8-9 p.m. Central Time, Tyson Foods will donate $10 for every tweet made using the #RancherRelief hashtag, up to $50,000. (For a quick lesson in hashtags: Using hashtags on Twitter)

Of course, you can also donate on your own through the Rancher Relief Fund.

If you haven’t had a chance to learn about the livestock losses that occurred during the Oct. 4-5 storm, please check out these blog posts. They give first-hand accounts of the blizzard and show photos taken by the ranchers. The first two are written by ranchers in western South Dakota, and the third is written in support by a dairy farmer in Wisconsin.

Oct. 7: Fall Blizzard! by Montana Ranch Girl

Oct. 11: The snow storm “Atlas” by western SD rancher

Oct. 13: Pain you can’t even imagine. by The Adventures of Dairy Carrie


  1. Thank you Basin Electric for helping get the word out on this fundraising effort! It’s a great way to help our neighbors in need and utilize technology to bring attention to this disaster.

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