Why Basin? Co-op team members eager to lend a helping hand

Jason Bernhardt


Basin Electric employees are helpful to newcomers

Jason Bernhardt has learned a lot since May – when he first arrived at Basin Electric Headquarters in Bismarck, ND.

“Everyone at the co-op is real helpful,” he says as he sits at a first floor conference room table. Listen to Bernhardt talk about co-op employees in this video.

Bernhardt, a draftsperson I, says catching on to his job has been possible largely because of the co-workers settled in the cubicles surrounding his. Whenever he has a question, he simply pops over to a friendly neighbor who is always willing to help.

Before coming to Basin Electric, Bernhardt spent three years at Bartlett & West, a local engineering business. The co-op is new territory for him, but it’s been a smooth transition.

New hires are welcomed into the co-op family immediately

Bernhardt felt like he was part of the Basin Electric family right away, and appreciates the fact he never has to be afraid of asking questions. The feeling of camaraderie at Basin Electric helps the Bismarck native appreciate his job even more.

“Everyone gets along very well here,” he says. “It’s a nice place to come in and feel really welcome.”

Bernhardt, who specializes in structural steel design, especially enjoys the various projects he gets to work on.

“Basically you get different plans and requests from all the different plants that Basin operates,” he continues.

At Basin Electric, your work makes a difference

After arriving at work and starting his next assignment for the day, Bernhardt spends much of his time interacting with AutoCAD, a drafting software. Every couple of months he gets to visit one of the co-op’s many facilities to see the fruits of his labor, and he loves it.

“It’s nice to actually go out and be able to visualize what you’ve been working on,” he says. “It’s nice getting out of the office for a day here and there.”

The co-op offers great benefits

Bernhardt loves the variety that comes with his job. He also appreciates the benefits at Basin Electric, which are tough to beat.

“The benefits here seem quite a bit better, compared to the other places I’ve worked or seen,” he says.

Bismarck has a lot to offer

Bernhardt also thinks Bismarck is a great place to work because there are fun ways to get active in the community. When he’s not involved in his softball and kickball leagues, he’s playing the occasional game of basketball, as well as taking part in excellent hunting and fishing.

Many at Basin Electric agree with Bernhardt in that Bismarck is a wonderful community.

“It’s got that small town-type feeling,” he says, adding Bismarck features the shopping, food, and entertainment opportunities of a larger city.

Those at Basin Electric care about the communities they serve

While Bernhardt is thankful for the friendly atmosphere he’s surrounded by at work, he’s also proud to be part of a co-op family that takes pride in reaching out to the people it serves.

“You always see Basin employees out and about in the community. They’re not hiding in the background,” he says, adding the co-op sponsors many local programs.

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