Co-op donations mean Wyoming high school gets Friday night lights

At Rocky Mountain High School in Cowley, WY, they often played their high school football games in the broad daylight.

They had no other choice, since their field did not have lights.

But with support from Wyoming Lime Producers, Montana Limestone Company and Big Horn Rural Electric Company, a Basin Electric Class C member, donors brought the lights — and lit them up. Other donors included Miller’s Fabrication and Construction, Nepeco, S.E., Inc. and Bank of Lovell.

On Friday night, Sept. 13, the Rocky Mountain Grizzles played under the lights for the first time. (See the school’s poster advertising the big night: Friday Night Lights)

Cherie Wambeke, office manager for Wyoming Lime Producers, has a daughter who is a cheerleader for the winter sports. She says the spirit brought by the lights can’t be beat. Watch the video.

Rocky Mountain High School

Bob Bartosh (third from left), Dakota Coal Company chief operating officer, waves to the crowd during half-time of the first Friday night the lights were used.

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