Why Basin? Cooperative features good communication


Basin Electric leaves no one behind in the learning process. Watch the video

Explanations. Analogies. Examples.

For Tiffany Zablotney, these simple words lead to clear communication, which is something she appreciates in her new environment at Basin Electric.

The commodity risk analyst joined Basin Electric in April, after spending 20 years in the banking world. As she walks into a sixth-floor conference room at Headquarters in Bismarck, ND, Zablotney describes how quickly she’s been able to learn the specifics of the cooperative’s mission.

Zablotney credits her co-workers for getting her accustomed to the co-op lingo, which often includes a host of new acronyms, terms and processes not commonly used in other professions.

“The challenges for me are just getting used to the whole power and gas thing,” Zablotney explains.

Zablotney admits she didn’t understand half the terms she came across when she joined Basin Electric, but the learning process is fun and helpful.

“There are quite a few people around here who put some analogies to things that might be going on,” she says, adding she learns something new every day. “It helps you to understand rather than get just straight-out-of-the-book talk.”

Employees appreciate variety in their work

Along with learning new things, Zablotney also appreciates that there is a lot of variety with her job. Whether it’s working on contracts with counterparties or dealing with new pricing software, Zablotney enjoys the different tasks she’s a part of.

“It’s different every day. There’s no specific ‘day in the life of,’” she says. “I like the variety.”

Basin Electric is very transparent

Zablotney also appreciates Basin Electric’s strong transparency. The co-op thrives on keeping its employees, as well as its members, informed on important issues.

“They’re very open with what’s going on, very good with their communication,” Zablotney says. “You don’t see that in the banking world.”

Bismarck is a great place to live and raise a family

With such transparency comes peace of mind at the end of the day. When Zablotney walks out of the co-op’s front doors, the Minot, ND, native smiles at the idea of spending time with her family in her new hometown of Bismarck.

“It’s a very clean city,” she says. “We just really like it down here.”

Basin Electric offers a great benefits package

Zablotney also says she is treated well at Basin Electric. Employees are happy with the benefits package the co-op offers.

“The benefits are definitely a plus, and I think everybody says that,” she continues.

Be part of a friendly and supportive atmosphere

At the end of the day, Zablotney is thankful for the supportive culture at Basin Electric.

“Everybody’s really friendly,” she says. “I feel like I stepped right in. It didn’t take long.”


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