Regional haze center stage in Wyoming

Maintain clear skies.

It’s a mission the U.S. Congress charged individual states to carry out through the Clean Air Act’s regional haze program. As long as each state’s proposed plan is prudent and effective at improving visibility in national parks and wilderness areas, they were given primacy to determine the best plan for their state.

Unfortunately, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is ignoring states’ local knowledge and authority and proposing their own criteria for those states to  maintain their state’s visibility – often with price tags two, three and four times higher than what the state deemed necessary.

EPA’s most recent effort targets Wyoming. Read more about the issue and how it affects Basin Electric in the September-October issue of Basin Today.


Also, read how Wyoming Rural Electric Association spurred its members to send letters to EPA.

There were three hearings during the summer following the EPA’s re-proposal to ignore Wyoming’s plan and implement its own. During one of those hearings Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead testified. Watch his testimony.

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