Why Basin? It’s a place where everybody knows your name


Chad Boyd-Snee glances toward the corner of his fourth-floor office desk where a catchy ringtone flows from his phone. He has a visitor, and wants to be polite. The call can wait.

People know each other at Basin Electric

Perhaps it’s the associate contract administrator’s considerate nature that makes it easy for people to remember his name. Then again, he’s sold on the idea that everyone knows everyone at Basin Electric, because the co-op’s culture is just that friendly.

“When you come on, people really welcome you,” he says.

Boyd-Snee started working at Basin Electric Headquarters in February. He had applied for his position a couple of times in the past, and was glad to see his perseverance pay off.

“I was elated,” Boyd-Snee says as he recalls first being offered a job at Basin Electric. “I’ve wanted to work here for quite a while.”

The co-op culture compliments the family lifestyle

Before arriving at Basin Electric, Boyd-Snee spent nine years in chemical sales, while also dabbling in engineering. It was work that required quite a bit of travel.

“I’ve had to leave at three in the morning, I’ve had to fly to Australia the next day,” he says.

Travel used to be easier for Boyd-Snee. In fact, he rather enjoyed it from time to time. That was before his kids were in the picture.

When he and his wife, Catelin, decided to start a family, Boyd-Snee began to seek the schedule he has now.

“This allowed me to be at home every night with my family,” he says.

Today, he’s the father of his daughter, Piper, and son, Christian. Hearing his little girl say, “I’m very glad you’re home, Daddy,” is a reminder his decision to accept a job at Basin Electric was the right one.

Basin Electric is a great place to work. Watch the video

These days, Boyd-Snee’s work mostly keeps him in North Dakota. Having grown up in Bismarck, ND, before going off to college at Colorado State University and then North Dakota State University, Basin Electric always seemed like a good place to work.

“It was always, to me, one of the top places,” he says, adding that he likes the fact employees have opportunities to move up in the company.

There are perks to working for the cooperative

He adds there are certain perks that are tough to pass up at Basin Electric. He takes a moment to address the cooperative’s own friendly culture, the hard-to-beat pension plan and the impressive matching 401(k) setup.

But there is one thing he likes most about his job: variety.

Boyd-Snee doesn’t find himself falling into the same routine every day. He multitasks, prioritizes and communicates for different projects constantly. The analytical and negotiating sides of his work keep things interesting, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It’s hard to go to work when you don’t like what you’re doing,” he says. “So far, I really like what I’m doing.”

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