SD Rep. Betty Olson’s take on Basin Electric tour (from Rapid City Journal)

Betty Olson

Betty Olson takes a closer look at the turbine at Antelope Valley Station.

Twelve legislators from South Dakota got to tour Basin Electric’s facilities July 23. It’s an educational program sponsored by the South Dakota Rural Electric Association, Rushmore Electric Power Cooperative, East River Electric Power Cooperative and Basin Electric.

Last week, we shared Sen. Dan Lederman’s take on the tour.

This week, we bring you Rep. Betty Olson’s column in the Rapid City Journal.

Reblogged from Grand River Roundup news in the Rapid City Journal:

Every year Basin Electric sponsors a legislative tour for several South Dakota legislators and this year I got to take their very interesting tour. The tour started Monday afternoon with a background presentation followed by a roast beef supper at Rushmore Electric Coop in Rapid City. …

Early Tuesday morning all 12 South Dakota legislators boarded a bus for an information session and continental breakfast at Basin Electric headquarters. After breakfast we got back on the bus to tour Basin Electric’s Antelope Valley Station northwest of Beulah. Antelope Valley is a lignite-based electric generating station with a capacity of 900,000 kilowatts that cost $1.9 billion to build. The power plant is part of a $4 billion energy complex that includes the Coteau Freedom Mine, the nation’s largest lignite coal mine, and the Great Plains Synfuels Plant, the nation’s only commercial size coal gasification plant. …

The United States has 1/4 of the world’s supply of coal. We have four times more energy in our coal reserves than all the oil in Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, Pres. Obama’s war on coal has caused about 50 coal powered electric plants to close and he has the rest of the coal industry in his gun sights. Electric companies and coal mines across the country are very worried about the havoc he’s causing, using agencies like the EPA to close down the industry. Keep reading…

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