New senior vice presidents settling in at Basin Electric

After more than 80 retirements in 2012, Basin Electric has already far-surpassed that total in 2013.

As a result, there are many new faces in new places at Basin Electric. Among those new faces are Dave Sauer, senior vice president and Dakota Gasification Company chief operating officer, and Matt Greek, senior vice president of Generation.

Sauer and Greek were highlighted in the July-August 2013 Basin Today magazine, and answered a few questions to help people get to know them better. Click here to read the entire article.

An excerpt:

Matt Greek

Matt Greek

What’s one unique fact about you that most people don’t know?

“When I worked for Houston Lighting and Power I worked at a few outreach things and spoke to different
community groups.

As part of that, we developed our own mascot, Louie the Lightning Bug. He was a huge yellow bulb made into the shape of a lightning bug. I wore the suit and attended a few fairs as Louie the Lightning Bug. It was a hoot – as long as it was relatively cool.

I tell you, that light bulb suit got hot.”

Dave Sauer

Dave Sauer

What’s your proudest achievement?

“From a professional perspective, being involved with the team at Dakota Gas and putting together a behavioral-based safety program. I think that’s pretty awesome.

It was great to see people come together and make a safer workplace.”

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