Basin Electric Energy Tour and the Effect of Federal Regulation on Consumers (from State Senator Dan Lederman)

2013 SD lawmaker tour

On the turbine deck at Antelope Valley Station.

Over the course of one-and-a-half days, 12 legislators from South Dakota received a lesson in electric cooperatives. The group spent their day with Basin Electric on July 23.

One of them was Sen. Dan Lederman (R – District 16). Lederman wrote a blog post on his trip.

Reblogged from State Senator Dan Lederman blog:

On Monday I traveled to North Dakota with fellow South Dakota Legislators to tour Basin Electric Power Cooperative facilities that supply electricity to most of South Dakota including many communities in Union and Lincoln counties. The tour was an intense educational experience. Here is a recap of what I learned and how it affects us as energy consumers. …

Responsible Energy Development

The first stop was the Freedom Mine which is one of the largest coal mines in the United States. After soil tests show the depth and length of coal deposits. …

Clean Coal Technology

Coal that is sent to the Antelope Valley Station provides enough electricity for half a million homes daily. Keep reading…

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