Farmer talks about living and working near coal industry

Doyle Johannes

This is part of a series produced by Partners for Affordable Energy, through an in-kind contribution by Basin Electric.

Fourth generation farmer, Doyle Johannes from Underwood, ND, talks about working with and living in the same community as North Dakota’s coal industry.

Johannes, also the North Dakota Farm Bureau president, explains how perception isn’t always reality when it comes to farming reclaimed land. “Our relationship with the mine has been very good. It’s been very beneficial for us mainly because of the hay we’ve been able to take off to feed our livestock. That’s been very good. … And then the opportunity to be able to farm that land, get production off that land, has been good.”

Johannes likens the ability to use domestic coal to produce electricity to being able to eat domestic food. “To be able to produce this energy in our country, and to have control over that, it’s just like the food we produce. … To not have to depend on other countries … very critical that we develop these. We have the world’s largest supply of coal. We need to continue to use that.”

Watch the video.

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