Why Basin? Employee’s chance to work here a dream come true

Carol Ellwein

Carol Ellwein aims her chair toward her third-floor office window and gazes out at the incoming I-94 traffic as it glides alongside Basin Electric’s front lawn.

Basin Electric is a reputable company. Watch the video

“Since I’ve been little, I’ve always known Basin Electric,” Ellwein says, wheeling around toward her desk. She used to dream about how cool it would be to work in “the building up on the hill,” the cooperative’s Headquarters.

Today, she is living her dream.

The cooperative features a welcoming atmosphere

Ellwein is a senior Information Services and Telecommunications training coordinator. And since she started her new job in late April, she’s been amazed at how welcoming everyone has been.

“It feels like just a big, nice community to me,” she says, expressing thanks to all those who have made her feel at home. “The people are super nice.”

A job at Basin Electric means more opportunities to grow in your field

After working 17 years as a web administrator/trainer at BNC National Bank, the Mandan, ND, native wasn’t actively seeking another job. But one day, an employment ad caught her eye as she glanced through a newspaper. Realizing she was ready for a new challenge, Ellwein decided to apply – and she’s been thrilled ever since.

In the information technology world things are always changing. Ellwein says she has spent 30 years of her life learning that. Basin Electric gives her the chance to further her level of expertise in many areas, and she’s on the ground floor of some of the cooperative’s major projects.

Ellwein is part of the team currently working on bringing LMS (Learning Management System) to Basin Electric. An Internet-based tool that will eventually be used by all employees, LMS will be key to those who wish to enroll in cooperative-related classes, track training, store transcripts, attain certifications and much more.

“Anything that has to do with training, it will be in that system,” she says. “It’s a big implementation.”

Basin Electric values employee creativity

Ellwein loves her job because no day is ever the same. She enjoys the wide array of projects that she’s working on.

“I always like diversity and being creative,” she says. “Being creative has probably been one of the most fun things in my entire career.”

Some of Ellwein’s additional responsibilities include providing materials, scheduling, software support and multiple forms of e-learning tied with employee training.

Those at Basin Electric are proud to be part of the co-op team

And when it comes to working alongside other Basin Electric employees, Ellwein is impressed with the dedication that lives within the walls at Headquarters.

“I think we just have a really high caliber of employees,” she says.

She mentions how impressive it is that Basin Electric has a history in the community. Ellwein believes the cooperative is a foundation Bismarck can be proud of.

Bismarck is a beautiful place to live

As she talks about the community, Ellwein points out the beautiful amenities that can be enjoyed here.

“I think we have a lot to offer. We’re not large, but I think we’re large enough,” she says. “We have the arts stuff that people go to bigger cities for. We have some of the sports.”

Ellwein, her husband, Greg, and her son, Brett, have recently enjoyed golfing at Apple Creek Country Club, one of Bismarck’s multiple golf courses. And when she’s off the tee box, she highlights the city’s growing economy and low crime rate, adding that it’s also a scenic area to live in.

“Everything is so green here,” she says.

When it comes to enjoying everything Bismarck has to offer, Ellwein chooses to share it with her family – and their blue merle collie, Leo.

Ellwein is thankful for her loving family, beautiful community and exciting new job. And as she looks to the future, she’s excited to work with her fellow employees to proudly support the building up on the hill.

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