Why Basin? Programmer welcomes good challenges

Troy Niemeier

Troy Niemeier thrives when it comes to staying positive and focused while exploring unfamiliar business territory.

It’s a Monday, and hoping to find a quiet place to chat, he zigzags through a couple hallways and signs the electronic scheduling pad perched outside a vacant conference room. For now, the programmer is temporarily assigned to an open workspace in the heart of the J&L (Jones-Lindbergh) Building, across the street from Basin Electric Headquarters.

Basin Electric makes employees feel welcome – Watch the video

Being a new guy, Niemeier says he is thankful for his warm reception.

“Everyone in the office is incredibly kind and friendly and helpful,” he says, adding other employees have gone out of their way to show him around and familiarize him with the cooperative’s supportive culture.

His permanent work area may not be ready yet, but Niemeier is managing just fine with his temporary space, which he shares with a couple other employees.

“It is a little more difficult because I’m a little separated from some of the other people in my department,” he says. “That’s not the end of the world.”

In the meantime, he’s eager to continue learning the ropes. “It’s going really well. I have two weeks that have just been specifically training,” he says.

The cooperative provides ‘good challenges’

Specifically, Niemeier was hired to help with data integration for the cooperative’s new ETRM (Energy Trade Risk Management) application.

“It’s a lot of problem-solving,” Niemeier says, and he’s becoming more familiar with the software every day. “I’ve been given a number of small tasks to help me figure it out.”

The programmer says his projects will mostly involve creating tables depicting anything related to finance, personnel, dates, times or other data focuses within the cooperative. Niemeier admits it’s a lot to learn, but his supervisor is a great source of support.

“He’s trying to get a feel for what my strengths are,” Niemeier says. “There are some good challenges.”

Basin Electric features big jobs, good security

One of the biggest challenges Niemeier believes new employees likely face involves “getting your head around the scope of what Basin does” – employees wear a lot of different hats. He adds that the cooperative’s level of security is something new, yet reassuring.

“Basin Electric is a very secure company,” he says. “They put a lot of energy into security.”

Employees receive great benefits

Niemeier also says Basin Electric puts a lot of energy into providing an exceptional benefits package.

“There are a lot of benefits with working for Basin Electric,” he says, adding that the discounts associated with employment are impressive, and “encouraging incentives” are available for all employees.

Niemeier is also thankful for the lack of stress that comes with a job at Basin Electric, adding that it is a “reputable company” for this reason.

“With Basin there’s a great level of learning pace – not overbearing,” he says.

Bismarck is a great place to live

The Jamestown, ND, native is also very happy living in Bismarck. He appreciates the little things that came about after his recent move from Valley City State University in Valley City, ND, where he studied computer science. These days, he especially enjoys playing soccer, disc golf, ultimate Frisbee and ping pong with his housemates.

“Part of the way you enjoy your city is your living situation, and I was very, very fortunate to get a very nice living situation,” he says.

Niemeier adds that he still has training ahead, but is confident the Basin Electric family that brought him in will show the way.

“I got a really good welcome,” he says.

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