Mandan 4th of July parade: Puppet’s perspective

Mandan 4th of July Parade

Twelve-and-a-half foot tall puppets on the route.

The Mandan 4th of July Parade in North Dakota featured some extra special tall guys this year.

The Touchstone Energy Three Amigos hustled down the two-mile-long parade route in North Dakota along with the float designed by Basin Electric’s engineers.

Mandan 4th of July Parade

Jeremy Severson, Dean Anderson and Andrew Meier.

Jeremy Severson, electrical engineer II, wore red, Dean Anderson, network engineer, wore blue, and Andrew Meier, son of Senior Administrative Assistant Sally Meier, wore yellow.

Severson took a camera along on the route. Right off the bat, Severson had to get one thing straight: are the Three Amigos in the Touchstone Energy logo walking away from you, or toward you? Basin Electric CEO Andrew M. Serri set the record straight with his answer in the video.

And watch to see the parade from the puppet’s perspective. (If you can count how many times he says “high five,” guess what you get.)

Mandan 4th of July Parade

So tall, the puppets could give high fives to those seated on top of the marquee at Organized Noise Entertainment (formerly Mysteria Theater) on Main Street in Mandan.

Update: 7-5-13 at 3:51 p.m.
Watch a video via North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives, showing the inflation of the balloon and rodeo and parade highlights!

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