Why Basin? Accountant says co-op a great place in wake of tragedy, celebration

Kayla Konschak

For Kayla Konschak, the road to Basin Electric had once seemed to be paved solely with numbers.

“I always had a passion working with numbers,” she says behind a closed sixth-floor conference room door, sporting a warm smile. “Digging in and having to research … that’s the part that drew me in.”

Considering that her older brother lives and breathes accounting in Minneapolis, the married mother of two ventures to believe that she was hired as an accountant at Basin Electric simply because the trade runs “in the blood.”

But about three weeks after her March start time at Basin Electric, Konschak realized the road she was on was not only a means to a bright professional future, but the saving grace that nudged her into the open arms of the caring cooperative family she needed most.

“My dad actually passed away from brain cancer,” Konschak says. Over the past year, her father, Timothy, had continually traveled from the family’s hometown of Linton, ND, to undergo chemotherapy in Bismarck. She was by his side for every appointment.

Employees are part of a supportive cooperative family

Konschak says in the time following her father’s passing, co-workers she didn’t even know befriended her and showed their support.

“The people that stop by your desk and see how you’re doing, it’s just really nice. You feel part of a family,” she says. Watch the video.

But with loss came new life. Shortly after losing her dad, Konschak gave birth to a baby boy, Brady, who was welcomed home by his two-year-old brother, Ryan. While she works at Basin Electric this summer, her husband, Nolyn, a school teacher and basketball coach, keeps an eye on the boys.

In her free time, Konschak enjoys being with her family. She loves the outdoors – especially going for walks and taking her kids outside to play. She also lives for scrapbooking.

Konschak returned to work from maternity leave June 19. Since the birth of her son, she’s appreciated the kindness of co-workers who have asked about the baby and presented gifts.

“They’re definitely very welcoming, friendly people,” she says.

Basin Electric offers opportunity for advancement

Konschak says Basin Electric offers more opportunity and room to grow within the cooperative. For now, she feels she is treading new ground, and there is plenty to learn. But, she’s up to the task.

“I like a challenge,” she says. “It’s always good. It keeps your mind busy.”

Basin Electric treats its employees well in multiple ways

Based on the support she has seen from people at Basin Electric, Konschak is very appreciative of the friendly atmosphere within the cooperative – especially when it comes to family.

“I think one thing that would really appeal to other people is how great you’re treated when you walk through the door,” she says. “It’s just a great place.”

She adds that the benefits are hard to beat.

Employees stay with Basin Electric

In the end, along with the kindness and professional opportunity that can be found at Basin Electric, Konschak is impressed by how long people are happy working for the cooperative.

“Before coming here, I’ve always heard stories about people who have been here for 20, 30-plus years,” she says. “I want to be one of those people.”

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