Great Plains Synfuels Plant gets shiny new fire truck


(From left) Jared Gregor, Delton Hitchcock and Terry Myers proudly show the new aerial boom truck.

Suppressing your inner child’s wonderment is futile. Gaze upon this new fire truck and go ahead and say it: “Oooooh! … Wow! … Shiny!”

The truck and all its glistening glory is now a resident of the Great Plains Synfuels Plant near Beulah, ND. The new aerial boom fire truck arrived at the Synfuels Plant June 14, a beautiful and essential piece of the facility’s safety infrastructure.

The original aerial fire truck used at the Synfuels Plant is about 30 years old and is showing its age: replacement parts are no longer available, its wiring is decomposing, and some controls are no longer reliable.

The new truck addresses those issues and brings even more to the table. Some features:

  • A 101-foot boom versus the 55-foot boom on the old truck
  • A discharge capability of 2,000 gallons per minute foam or foam/water mixture versus 1,500 gallons a minute with the old truck
  • An enclosed cab that can carry six people instead of four

The longer boom gives better access to elevated buildings and columns at the Synfuels Plant for fighting fires and conducting rescue activities. A joy stick remote control feature for the ladder allows firefighters the option to control the ladder from the ground. The truck also has more storage capacity for equipment.

The truck cost about $1 million and took about a year to build. Synfuels Plant firefighters will attend training on the new fire truck features and functionality in July before it is placed into service.

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