Big tower rolling onto Great Plains Synfuels Plant site

Great Plains Synfuels Plant

The picture was taken about 5:20 a.m. in downtown Monticello, MN. The tower had just crossed the Mississippi River.

A big piece of equipment came rolling onto the Great Plains Synfuels Plant site June 14 at about 5:00 p.m.

The regeneration tower started its trip at Arrow Tank & Engineering Company in Cambridge, MN. It left there at midnight on June 11.

Arrow Tank & Engineering manufactured the tower, and were responsible for its transportation. “Because of the tower’s weight and size, the planning and permitting for this move took two-to-three months,” says Mike Seefeld, Basin Electric contract administrator. “Arrow Tank’s subcontractor, Perkins Specialized Transportation Contracting, had to coordinate the move with Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota Departments of Transportation.”

Seefeld says Perkins had to coordinate with local utilities along the route, too, including electrical, phone, television and traffic signaling. “The weather has played a factor, too. The initial route had to be revised due to Highway 200 being flooded in eastern North Dakota.”

The tower is more than 157 feet long, 18 feet wide, 17 feet high, and weighs 219,000 pounds. The length is as it sits horizontally. It will be vertical when lifted into place.

The regeneration tower is part of the Synfuels Plant’s carbon dioxide removal system in the ammonia plant. The purpose of the tower is to regenerate, or strip, the carbon dioxide from the solution.

Watch a video of the tower rolling down the highway.

KX News in Bismarck did a story on the big move: Huge tower moved from Minnesota to Beulah

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