Black plant work is under way at Great Plains Synfuels Plant

Black plant work

Contractors and Dakota Gas employees tie in elements to the Synfuels Plant’s clean cooling water system during the black plant outage. The system is expected to be fully functional by June 17.

The plant may be black, but there is still plenty happening right now at the Great Plains Synfuels Plant near Beulah, ND.

More than 5,800 individual maintenance activities will be completed during the turnaround, with major work under way May 28 through July 10.

Major projects on that list include tying in elements of the clean cooling water system and replacing the flare tip on the plant’s main flare stack, which burns off waste gas from the gasification process.

Other planned projects include work on spray coolers in the oxygen plant, cold service insulation work in the Rectisol area of the plant and changing out the economizer in one of the plant boilers. Some of those tasks have been on hold since the Synfuels Plant’s most recent, and first ever, black plant outage in 2004.

Production stopped June 1 to allow preparation for a 10-day black plant maintenance window, and will resume June 23. The ammonia plant will remain down, with restart planned for July 10.

In addition to Dakota Gasification Company employees, about 1,000 contract personnel are, or will be, on site to support the maintenance effort, according to Plant Manager Dale Johnson.

The Synfuels Plant is owned and operated by the Dakota Gas, a for-profit subsidiary of Basin Electric.

Read the full story about turnaround preparations in the May-June 2013 issue of Basin Today Magazine: Preparations in place to go black at Synfuels Plant.

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