A look at Pioneer Generation Station construction (Video)

In the list of Basin Electric power plants, the Pioneer Generation Station looks like a lightweight.

Weighing in at 45 megawatts, the power plant looks to be a small fraction of some of the more recent additions in Basin Electric generation, like the 300-net megawatt Deer Creek Station in South Dakota and 385-megawatt Dry Fork Station in Wyoming.

Pioneer Generation Station

Contractors and Basin Electric employees work together. (From left) Trenton Schwahn, Basin Electric electrical engineer II; Ben Cannon, Tidal Power Services, Houston, TX; Eric Lempke, Tidal Power Services; and Craig Muilenburg, Basin Electric construction coordinator II.

But Pioneer Generation Station, located northwest of Williston, ND, was built small for a big task. The natural gas-fueled plant will serve the quickly increasing demand for electricity in northwest North Dakota, and it will do so soon.

Watch a video and read the full story in the May/June 2013 issue of Basin Today Magazine: Small plant, big job

You can also keep up on all Williston Basin oil formation news as it relates to Basin Electric on our Bakken News page.


  1. Interesting video. As a young adult who has not done much construction, I find videos like this pretty incredible. It is hard to believe how huge these projects are and the scope of all of them.

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