The history behind naming power plants (from Partners for Affordable Energy blog)

Leland Olds Station

Leland Olds Station

Have you ever wondered why power plants are named what they are? This is an interesting look at how the plants in North Dakota were named.

Reblogged from Partners for Affordable Energy blog:

In North Dakota, there seems to be three schools of thought when it comes to naming power plants. They can be named for nearby towns (Stanton Station and Spiritwood Station) or local landmarks (Antelope Valley Station, Coal Creek Station or Coyote Station, which is named for Coyote Creek) or people (Milton R. Young Station, Leland Olds Station and R.M. Heskett Station.)

So who are the three men who were honored?

The Leland Olds Station (LOS) was named in honor of Leland Olds, a former chairman of the Federal Power Commission (now known as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission). Olds suggested that rural electric systems should pool their needs and resources to build large coal-based generating units that would be integrated with the hydroelectric system, such as North Dakota’s Garrison Dam, to deliver low cost, reliable electricity to farms and ranches.

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