Fire damage assessment ongoing at Laramie River Station

A fire at the Laramie River Station, Wheatland, WY, was reported Tuesday (May 14) at about 2:30 p.m. (MT). There were no reported injuries. The fire occurred in the surge bin tower. A Basin Electric investigation team arrived at the Laramie River Station this morning to begin an assessment of damages and cause.

The Wheatland volunteer fire department responded and aided the effort to control the fire.

An initial inspection of the area shows damage to many sheet metal walls of conveyor rooms as well as piping and electrical damage.  No apparent structural damage has been noted.  A decision was made to remove Unit 1 from service until we can safely deliver coal to the Unit 1 bunkers again. The surge bin tower is the delivery point for coal from the stockpile to supply coal to Units 1 and 2. There are three units at the station. Unit 3 continues operation.

It’s not certain when Unit 1 will be returned to service. Unit 2 was offline at the time of the incident due to a scheduled maintenance outage.

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