Basin Electric employees grow and excel outside the workplace

It’s well known that employees at Basin Electric are among the best at their chosen profession. What’s sometimes not as widely known, however, are those employees’ accomplishments outside the workplace walls.

Basin Electric employees Jodi Schlatter, accounting analyst I, and Christy Dirk-Senn, business analyst, were recently honored for their efforts and accomplishments outside Basin Electric while taking the Bismarck Dale Carnegie Course “Effective Communications & Human Relations/Skills For Success.”

Jodi Schlatter

Jodi Schlatter

The nine-week course was held once per week at Eide Bailly LLP in Bismarck, starting Feb. 18 and ending April 23 due to inclement weather. During the course, Schlatter was honored with the Breakthrough Award, Outstanding Performance Award and the Highest Award for Achievement, and Dirk-Senn earned the Human Relations Award.

Schlatter said she enrolled in the course to build greater self-confidence, strengthen people skills, enhance communication skills, develop leadership skills, reduce stress and improve her attitude.

Christy Dirk-Senn

Christy Dirk-Senn

“The stress management principles have changed the way I respond to any issue that comes my way and has greatly improved my overall performance and value to the organization,” Schlatter says. “The leadership and human relations skills I learned have also proven to very valuable tools to help me to be successful at nurturing relationships and influencing people at work.”

Dirk-Senn heard good things about the course from former coworkers at Eide Bailly, and jumped at the chance to enroll when she received an email about the program at Basin Electric.

“There were so many important and helpful things that I took away from the course, but the most important ones to me were related to human relations. I learned a lot of different skills on how to communicate with people, both inside and outside the workplace,” Dirk-Senn says. “I use these techniques every day, and I feel that they have been invaluable for me here at Basin.”

Recently identified by “The Wall Street Journal” as one of the top 25 high-performing franchises, Dale Carnegie Training programs are available in more than 25 languages throughout the entire United States and in more than 80 countries.

Schlatter wrote about her “bittersweet” graduation from the course for the Dale Carnegie website.

An excerpt:

My “ah-ha” moment was the comparison of learning to swim to learning to speak effectively. You can read all the books but until you take that leap and jump into the water to practice you will never achieve these life-saving skills.  Once I figured out how well it really did work to practice the speech with others and narrow it down until I accomplished making my talking points in the time allotted, I was able to deliver a successful talk and kick my self-confidence up a notch not to mention melt away another layer of my fear of speaking. Keep reading: The “Bittersweet” graduation day

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