Basin Electric gives to foster care program

Charles Hall Youth Services hosted the Ho Waste (Good Voice)* Luncheon in appreciation of their charitable supporters April 19 at the Municipal Country Club in Bismarck, ND.  Mike Eggl, Basin Electric senior vice president of Communications and Administration, and Jennifer Holen, Basin Electric event planner and charitable giving coordinator, attended the event.

Charlie Appelstein

Charlie Appelstein, author of “No Such Thing As a Bad Kid!” speaks at the Charles Hall Youth Services Ho Waste Luncheon.

The luncheon featured speaker Charlie Appelstein, author of “No Such Thing As a Bad Kid!” Appelstein is also president of Appelstein Training Resources which provides training consultation and youth care literature to individuals and groups wanting to better understand and respond to troubled youth.

Eggl presented a $5,000 donation check at the luncheon for the Charles Hall Foundation. The donation will help support Charles Hall Youth Services in their mission to assist high-risk youth of all backgrounds in making the transition from troubled adolescence to mature, responsible adulthood.

*From Charles Hall Youth Services: “In May of 1876, the 29-year-old Congregational missionary, Charles Hall, arrived on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. The reservation was home to members of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara tribes. Reverend Hall did not speak any of their languages, and the Indian natives did not understand Hall’s English. However, Hall recently had learned to speak Lakota. Hoping to find some common words, he sang a Lakota hymn. The first words of the hymn were “Ho Waste” – the Good Voice. For the next 46 years, Hall was a voice of hope and healing on Fort Berthold. His legacy lives on in Charles Hall Youth Services – a “good voice” that offers hope and guidance to foster care youth from across North Dakota.”

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