Mongolian delegation tours Great Plains Synfuels Plant

GPSP tour

The delegation watches a video in the Great Plains Synfuels Plant model room.

A high profile delegation from Mongolia visited the Great Plains Synfuels Plant near Beulah, ND, March 22.

Z. Enkhbold, the Democratic Chairman of Mongolia’s Parliament, Ambassador B. Altangerel, and G. Tsogtsaikhan, State Secretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affair, made the trip to learn about the process of taking coal and turning it into synthetic natural gas. The group included business, energy, and mining industry representatives from Mongolia. The delegation was greeted by Basin Electric CEO and General Manager Andrew M. Serri and Plant Manager Dave Sauer. Watch the video.

Enkhbold said Mongolia wants to be more energy independent, while taking the environment into consideration. “We are number 10 in the world in coal deposits. We have hundreds of millions of tons,” Enkhbold said. “But we are 100 percent dependent on foreign oil, from Russia. We also get much of our electricity from Russia. We want to develop gas and liquid petroleums and would like a syngas plant.”

In addition to government officials, the tour included reporters from Mongolia National Broadcasting and Bloomberg TV. See one of the stories: Speaker of Parliament explores coal gasification in US

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