Basin Electric employee witness to Boston Marathon bomb aftermath


Lynn Beiswanger, BEPC.

Lynn Beiswanger, Transmission System Maintenance safety coordinator, finished yesterday’s Boston Marathon as he has many times before. See our previous post: Basin Electric employee runs for research

But during this year’s race, a bomb went off near the finish line, not long after Beiswanger crossed. He had made it into the hotel where his team was having a gathering, which was less than a block away from the finish line.

“We saw everything out the window. It was so eerie. We saw SWAT teams, National Guard, police. We couldn’t leave the hotel until 7 p.m. We left to go to the hotel where we were staying, and once we left, we couldn’t get back in. You couldn’t get into any hotel you weren’t staying at,” Beiswanger says.

Beiswanger was interviewed by two local news organizations about what he saw and heard.

Bismarck Tribune: N.D. runners react to Boston Marathon explosions

KFYR TV: 37 North Dakotans at the Boston Marathon

Beiswanger says it didn’t all sink in until he was flying home today. “You just sit there and think, we ran past those bombs. All of them. And they just happened to go off after we were gone. You feel for all the victims, the people who died. I’ve crossed that finish line many times, and feel for all the people who were turned back because of someone’s needless want to do harm. They took a fun event and made it not fun,” he says.

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