Local newspapers applaud St. Baldrick’s efforts (Video)

The early April issues of the Hazen Star and Beulah Beacon ran an editorial praising the efforts of the Basin Electric St. Baldrick’s Brave the Shave campaign.

“Brave people take on cancer,” written by Kathy Tandberg in her “From the front porch” column, is printed in full with permission here.

On March 15, The Bismarck Tribune ran an editorial along the same lines: Community shines for St. Baldrick’s Day

Keep scrolling to see photos from the Mercer County event, and videos from that event, and the Sanford and Missouri Valley Family YMCA flagship event.

Kids and cancer – two words that just shouldn’t go together. But they do. So sadly they do.

This past March once again, something pretty great happened when it comes to kids and cancer. A bunch of big rough and tough guys, and some great gals, took a big step forward in a means to hopefully find an end to those words combined – kids and cancer.

Area men and women shaved their heads to raise money for kids throughout the world.

St. Baldrick's Mercer County

Curt Michaelson, Antelope Valley Station.

They sat in front of their peers and took the teasing and laughter in great stride as they let the clippers do the walking for dollars.

I don’t use the word hate often. Hate is such a harsh word. There are certainly things I don’t like, but there are very few things I hate. The one thing I know for sure that I hate is cancer, not just for children but for anyone.

This past year my family lost someone dear to cancer. In my extended family, we have lost others over the years, including one toddler who fought and lost the battle with the cancer he lived with most of his entire two years of life.

I know I’m not alone when I write this. I would guess that that almost every family out there has lost someone to cancer.

As I write this, I know five area adults fighting the battle of cancer. There are more than five I am sure.

It saddens me and then angers me that after all these years there are still no real answers to what causes cancer and what can cure it.

St. Baldrick's Mercer County

Ed Mettler, Great Plains Synfuels Plant.

The American Cancer Society estimates for 2013, there will be 1.660 million people will be newly diagnosed with cancer in the United States.

Included in that number are 3,510 people living in North Dakota.

By the type of cancer in North Dakota, they estimate: breast, 450; colon and rectum, 370; uterine, 100; leukemia, 120; lung and bronchus, 460; skin, 150; Hodgkin lymphoma, 150; prostate, 550; urinary and bladder, 170; and all other, 990.

The National Cancer Institute estimates that nearly 12 million Americans with a history of cancer in January 2008 are alive today. Some of these individuals were cancer free, while others still have evidence of cancer and may be undergoing treatment.

St. Baldrick's Mercer County

Chad Edwards, Antelope Valley Station, gets a fun haircut prior to the shave.

One key is for people to have yearly screenings and annual checkups with a physician. This way there is a tracking of your health and history. This way your physician will become familiar with your body and health and you have the chance of early diagnosis on your side.

The American Cancer Society states finding cancer at its earliest, most treatable stage gives patients the greatest chance of survival. Early diagnosis is one important key to surviving most types of cancer. Beat the statistics.

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