Synfuels Plant employee competes on The Price Is Right

The Price Is Right

Employees at the Great Plains Synfuels Plant gathered to watch Dave Griffin, senior chemist, compete on The Price Is Right March 15.

“It was so much fun watching it with coworkers,” Dave Griffin, Great Plains Synfuels Plant senior chemist, says.

Griffin and co-workers gathered March 15 at 10 a.m. in the Synfuels Plant cafeteria to watch him make his daytime game show debut on The Price is Right.

Griffin has told his story many times up to being called to bidder’s row. (Read the entertaining account: Synfuels Plant employee hears those famous words … “Come on down”)

From that point forward, he was sworn to secrecy until the show aired. As the show played out and the anticipation was building, Griffin finally was the last person to get called to bidder’s row. He was the first person to bid on a pair of designer his/her sunglasses. Griggin says his original thought was $600. Griffin’s girlfriend, Lori Bosch, says she was flashing $600 as well (so she says!).

The Price Is RightGriffin says he thought he saw a bunch of people near Bosch and her parents flashing $800 so he said $800. The last bidder bid $1 and won it. The correct price was $610.

The bidder went on to win her game which was a trip to Jamaica (Bosch’s favorite vacation place!). The bidder went on to win the showcase, also.

“I hope the nightmares of not bidding $600 go away soon,” Griffin says with a laugh. By being on bidder’s row, Griffin automatically won $300.

“The whole experience of having Drew Carey talking to and shaking Lori’s dads hand, the intermission experiences with Drew and the two gals next to me dancing with me on bidder’s row, made for an epic experience,” Griffin says.

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