St. Baldrick’s welding caps added to silent auction website

St. Baldrick's 2013When you walk around a power plant site, you start to notice a unique type of head gear.

Power plant workers wear them under their welding hats or hard hats. They’re called “welding caps,” and they can get pretty colorful. They are worn to keep the worker’s head clean and cool. Welders can wear them backwards so the bill protects their neck. The caps can also be pulled down over the ears to protect skin from sparks.

Sarah Falk, wife of Rick Falk, a Laramie River Station retiree, makes the caps and sells hundreds of them to employees and outage workers every year.

This year, she sewed up a bunch to donate to the Brave the Shave Silent Auction! Each of the caps is made from 100 percent cotton, and all have bandana fabric from previous years’ St. Baldrick’s events. And there are several sizes to choose from.

Go to the silent auction website to bid on the caps, and other items: Brave the Shave Silent Auction

Help the Laramie River Station team meet their St. Baldrick’s goal: Brave the Shave – Wheatland


  1. These welding caps can be very helpful for the welders to protect themselves from any kind of spark. Thanks for telling us the importance of welding caps.

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