East River Electric’s Scott Parsley serves SD House

Scott Parsley    

After spending 27 years as a lobbyist for East River Electric Power Cooperative in the South Dakota Legislature, Scott Parsley
wanted to work from the other side.

So Parsley, manager of member services for the co-op, ran for office and won. Now Rep. Parsley (D – District 8) gets a desk on the floor of the South Dakota House, and the ability to make a difference for his constituents.

Parsley says it has been somewhat difficult being away from work at East River Power, but says good co-workers and good technology has helped. “I really appreciate East River giving me the opportunity to do this and still remain employed. … Unless you’re retired, it’s really hard for the working people to do this, and I really appreciate the opportunity.”

He says his electric cooperative experience has led him to ask questions others might not consider asking on certain issues. This session, for example, bills were introduced on wind energy incentives and net metering. “The net metering bill came up in a committee that I serve on. We were able to have a good discussion. … That particular bill had a two-megawatt size limit on it. And one of the questions I raised was, if this is supposed to be
off-setting for local residential folks, no one has a two megawatt need. So how does that work?” Watch the video
to learn more about Parsley’s time so far in the House.

Also, Parsley was primary sponsor on a bill to help soldiers meet their certification while deployed. Watch the second video to hear Parsley explain that. Read about the bill: House Bill 1180

Parsley says his years of lobbying experience helped him be elected to the Minority Whip position for the Democrats in South Dakota.

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