Two dads, two kids shave and cut for St. Baldrick’s

St. Baldrick's 2013

Nicholas and Damian Schlinger and Cora and Dean Dienstmann are excited for a great St. Baldrick’s event.

The Dienstmanns and the Schlingers are great friends. So when three-time St. Baldrick’s shavee Damian Schlinger asked his buddy Dean Dienstmann to join his Brave the Shave team this year, Damian couldn’t turn him down. (Watch Damian get shaved last year: Medcenter One’s Amber’s Baldies at ND St. Baldrick’s *He screams a little bit.)

Dean’s daughter Cora Dienstmann has cut her hair for Locks of Love before, so when she heard she could do that for St. Baldrick’s with her dad, she also got in on the action. “My mom just talked to me about it, and she said, ‘You can help others with cancer.’ And so I said, ‘Yeah, mom, I’m gonna do it.'”

Then there’s little Nicholas Schlinger. Because his dad Damian has been bald a couple times, he wanted to go under the clippers too. Damian says they’re letting Nicholas’ hair grow until the event, resulting in a bit of a “hockey hair” hairdo. “Schlinger’s have good bald heads, so he’ll be just fine,” Damian says with a laugh.

Watch a video of the family talking about their St. Baldrick’s adventure.

Contribute to this team on their page: Sanford Health/Amber’s Baldies

St. Baldrick's 2013

Or form your own team (or join another) and join in wherever you are:
Basin Electric Brave the Shave

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