Promoting safety as a value through effective committees

LynnB-NDSCCommittees are a part of corporate life and can be an effective way to get stuff done. But why do we struggle so much when we add the word “safety” to a committee’s responsibilities?

Basin Electric’s Lynn Beiswanger posed the question to a room full of safety professionals and committee members from across North Dakota at the North Dakota Safety Council Safety and Health Conference on Feb. 7. Beiswanger is the safety coordinator for Basin Electric’s Transmission System Maintenance division, and he was invited to present on creating effective safety committees.

When Beiswanger surveyed the attendees, many readily admitted their committees were dysfunctional, in need of life support, or altogether inactive. He invited them to share ideas and aspirations, and he shared research and lessons learned from his experience rebuilding his division’s safety committee.

His main point: Safety is a value, a lifestyle, 24/7; recruit employees for your committee who share safety as a value and they’ll be your biggest advocates in the work force. Watch the video as Beiswanger talks about other benefits of effective safety committees. Warning: His enthusiasm is contagious.

In other safety conference news, a Leland Olds Station contractor was recognized for saving the life of another contract worker at the plant site. Leland Olds Station employee Dan Leingang, who also serves as a safety committee member, assisted during the incident. Read more and watch the video via KX News:

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