Electric cooperatives well represented in North Dakota Legislature

ND legislators 2013    
(L to R): Sen. Dave O’Connell, Sen. John Warner, Rep. Kenton Onstad, and Rep. Tracy Boe.
Photo courtesy: J.C. Balcom, NDAREC.













The 2013 North Dakota Legislature is under way.

Four legislators serving there bring key electric cooperative credentials to their work.

  • Sen. David O’Connell (D-Lansford, District 6), board member, North Central Electric Cooperative
  • Sen. John Warner (D-Ryder, District 4), board member, Verendrye Electric Cooperative
  • Rep. Tracy Boe (D-Mylo, District 9), board member, Northern Plains Electric Cooperative
  • Rep. Kenton Onstad (D-Parshall, District 4), employee, Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative

Go to the North Dakota Rural Electric Cooperative website to read more about each of these lawmakers, and how they feel they’re influenced by their electric cooperative knowledge: Four from co-op family serving as legislators The story is written by Kent Brick, North Dakota Living editor.

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