A day in the life of a Basin Electric pilot

LorenCarsonDec2012Loren Carson is a pilot/aviation safety officer for Basin Electric.

He has logged more than 14,000 hours flying for Basin Electric and others. He’s featured in Jan/Feb 2013 issue of Basin Today magazine as part of the “A Day in the Life of…” series that puts the spotlight on cooperative employees.

Read the article that takes you on a flight with Carson.

An excerpt:

Today is Dec. 6. The calendar still says fall, but the dark sky and crisp air say winter. Carson is scheduled to fly. The weather forecast says it will be a nice day. It has to be for him to accomplish today’s patrol. He’s flying the route of the carbon dioxide pipeline that travels 205 miles from the Great Plains Synfuels Plant north of Beulah to Weyburn, Saskatchewan. A Synfuels Plant employee will ride along to visually inspect the pipeline route to make sure no construction work is intruding on the right of way.

Watch the video to follow Carson from pre-flight inspection of the cooperative’s Cessna Caravan to landing, and highlights from the pipeline patrol in between.

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