Tips for surviving the unthinkable

Slips, trips, falls, sprains, strains – all are among the litany of safety issues that workers in the energy industry keep in their safety consciousness.

News headlines over the past year or so have brought another to the forefront: workplace shootings. It’s an unpleasant thought, but safety and security professionals like Stefan Salmonson of PROtective Services Inc. are encouraging workers to consider the unthinkable, “What if?”

Highly qualified in the fields of law enforcement, personal protection and crime scene investigation, Salmonson gave a presentation at the 2013 Energy Generation Conference titled “Going Home … ALIVE,” where he discussed scenarios from past workplace shooting events. He asked thought-provoking questions and empowered participants with basic skills and awareness. In this video, he gives four tips for surviving a swarm shooter who enters the workplace.

The Energy Generation Conference was held Jan. 30 and 31 in Bismarck, ND. The annual event provides continuing education and networking opportunities for energy industry professionals and vendors from across the United States. Basin Electric sponsors the conference. Several Basin Electric and Dakota Gasification Company employees serve on the conference’s executive committee, including Russ Bosch of Leland Olds Station, Kelly Cozby of Headquarters, Duane Miller of Antelope Valley Station, and Mike Lewis and Rod Wetsch of Dakota Gasification Company.

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