Top 11 stories of 2012 at Basin Electric: Live Wire

On Friday, you saw the top 9 Basin Electric videos of 2012.

Here are the top 11 viewed blog posts as tabulated by WordPress, our blogging platform.

Trampoline on transmission line

Winds of more than 70 miles per hour lifted a trampoline and draped it over a transmission line and pole near Box Elder, SD. (October 2012)

1. Trampoline goes airborne, electric cooperative photo goes viral

2. Basin Electric staff tour Bakken oil field of western North Dakota

3. New Christmas tradition at Basin Electric

4. Another great wildlife photo from Dry Fork Station

5. Dry Fork Station bucks like the camera

6. Bull moose record short-lived

7. Faces of Change: Basin Electric employee Shawn Hammes

8. Freedom Mine employee joins North Dakota Senate

9. Basin Electric employee featured on TIME magazine website

10. Day in the life of a Basin Electric wind technician

11. Basin Electric director’s grandson loses leg, wrestles on

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