St. Baldrick’s official tours Amber’s Dream

Touring "Amber's Dream" within Sanford Children's Hospital in Bismarck, ND (from left): Jennifer Holen, Basin Electric; Tom Petrick, Sanford Health Foundation; Heather Kash, St. Baldrick's; and Jeremy Woeste, Basin Electric.

Touring “Amber’s Dream” within Sanford Children’s Hospital (from left): Jennifer Holen, Basin Electric; Tom Petrick, Sanford Health Foundation; Heather Kash, St. Baldrick’s; and Jeremy Woeste, Basin Electric.

During her visit to Bismarck, ND, Heather Kash, St. Baldrick‘s senior director of Corporate Relations and Risk Management, stepped inside a dream — “Amber’s Dream.”

Kash toured Amber’s Dream inside Sanford Children’s Hospital Dec. 17.

Amber’s Dream was the vision of Amber Des Roches, who was a young teenager battling cancer in 2007. She spent a lot of time in Sanford Children’s Hospital (then Medcenter One Children’s Hospital), and whenever she needed an escape she would pull out the original “The Adventures of Peter Pan.” It was her refuge. Sadly, Amber lost her battle with cancer, but not before sharing her ideas for a more kid-friendly hospital environment with her nurses and her family.

The Amber’s Dream project began in 2009, through Basin Electric St. Baldrick’s Day and the lead donation came from area electric cooperatives for the children’s playroom. In April 2011, the Sanford Children’s Hospital finished its transformation into “Neverland,” a place where kids can be kids, which is especially important when they’re sick.

Leading the tour were Randi Schaeffer, Sanford Children’s Hospital nurse manager, and Kristi Schmidt, Sanford Health Foundation director of development. Also on the tour were Tom Petrik, vice president of development of Bismarck’s Sanford Health Foundation; Jennifer Holen, Basin Electric event planner and charitable giving coordinator; Jeremy Woeste, Basin Electric communications and media specialist; and Chris Gessele,Basin Electric staff writer.

Watch video of the tour and Kash’s reaction to Amber’s Dream.

Kash also visited Basin Electric Headquarters Dec. 17 to recognize Basin Electric for its long-term commitment and generosity to children with cancer. Through the support of Basin Electric and partnering organizations more than $750,000 has been raised in support of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation’s mission to conquer childhood cancers.

Basin Electric’s 2013 event will be March 15, 2013.

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