Why Are My Lights Blinking So Much?

Reblogged from Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative:

“Why are my lights blinking so much?”

If I had a dollar every time someone asked me that over the past 6 months….well I would have a lot of dollars.

So why are they? The answer to this question is one that is easy for the employees and staff of BDEC to understand but very difficult to explain to our membership. So I am going to try to answer this question and explain why we have been having this problem.

Over the past 2 weeks the members who live on BDEC’s Northgate, Bowbells, Kincaid, Lignite and Battleview substations have seen numerous blinks and outages. This does not exclude our other areas; but the hardest hit areas have been the above mentioned substations in the central part of the BDEC territory.

What our members can’t understand is who is responsible, what is happening, and why can’t it get fixed? I want to try and help answer these questions and educate our members.

Read more… 448 more words

This is a very interesting post written by Jason Brothen, general manager of Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative, a Basin Electric Class C member. He answers the questions people are asking, and he does it well! Can’t wait to see his next post, which will reference Basin Electric more.

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