2012 Capitol Christmas tree comes from Basin Electric member service area

Once again, a Basin Electric member service area shared one of its trees with Washington D.C.!

The 2012 Capitol Christmas tree comes from the White River National Forest, outside Meeker, CO. According to Powering the West, Tri-State G&T’s blog, the tree was growing within the area served by White River Electric Association, and the co-op worked with the local forest district office to assist in the transportation of the tree as it toured the U.S. along its way to Washington, D.C. Tri State G&T is a Basin Electric Class A member, and White River Electric is a Basin Electric Class C member.

The tree arrived in Washington, D.C., yesterday. Go to the official website to learn more about its journey. The lighting ceremony will happen on Dec. 4.

Below is a picture from the SkyBitz Track the Tree’s Flickr account. Check it out to see all 102 photos from the Nov. 2, 2012, tree harvesting and cutting ceremony.


Tree Stats:
Species: Engelmann Spruce
Age: 74 years
Height: 73 feet
Trunk Diameter: 28 inches

In 2010, the Capitol Christmas tree came from Wyoming, and the Basin Electric logo got to ride along: Basin Electric logo rides along with the 2010 Capitol Christmas Tree!

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