Dry Fork Station bucks like the camera

On Nov. 19, we got to see Dry Fork Station employee Leah Williamsen’s beautiful photo of a buck standing in front of the power plant.

Turns out, this buck has a buddy, they’ve made a home at the site near Gillette, WY, and they don’t mind having their photos taken.

Transmission System Maintenance

Tyler Lindholm caught this photo near Dry Fork Station, Gillette, WY.

On Nov. 20, Tyler Lindholm, lead substation electrician, and Stacey Millburg, apprentice substation electrician, had to chase one of the bucks out of the substation. “There’s a fence around the sub, and one of them likes to camp out around it. We were raking gravel in the sub with the gate open, and he got in,” Lindholm says. “He looked like he was up all night or getting whooped by the bigger one.”

Lindholm and Millburg work in the Transmission System Maintenance – Gillette shop. Take a look at Lindholm’s photos and video.

Dry Fork Station

Tyler Lindholm got this photo as a deer crossed the road going into Dry Fork Station, on his way to the substation.

Also about a month ago, Art Oliver and Cole Hohnholt, both Dry Fork Station operators, captured the neat photo below. “They were up on the railroad tracks bordering the mine and the plant,” Oliver says. “It’s just a nice little bonus that we get to see such amazing wildlife while working at the plant.”

Dry Fork Station

Art Oliver and Cole Hohnholt caught this shot of the bucks.

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