Another great wildlife photo from Dry Fork Station

The employees at Dry Fork Station near Gillette, WY, have been able to capture great photos of wildlife on plant site.

In January 2010, Dennis Thorfinnson, Dry Fork Station plant engineer, spotted a bald eagle, and snapped a photo.

In August 2010, we saw two bobcat kittens who were hanging out on the construction equipment. Plus, we got to see some deer using the archway built for them in the road and conveyor route project.

In September 2010, we posted a photo of Bobby Badger, captured by Doug Ramsey, then construction manager at Dry Fork Station.

It wasn’t only the employees who captured snapshots. The construction camera on the hill near Dry Fork Station got lucky a couple times and captured deer in December 2009 and April 2011.

Now, here’s the latest shot. Leah Williamsen, Dry Fork Station office clerk, saw her opportunity as she was leaving work on Nov. 6. “I drove past this buck that has been hanging around Dry Fork Station for a few weeks,” she says. “So, knowing no one was coming, I backed up down the highway to get a picture of him, and saw that he was in the perfect position to get the plant in the picture as well. He made it pretty difficult because he kept walking. Once I honked my horn, he stopped and look at me. I snapped the picture and took off, as did he.”

Dry Fork Station deer

Dry Fork Station, Nov. 6, 2012.


  1. That is a very neat picture. What a shot!

  2. LOVE! That buck knows where it’s safe.

  3. Nice! Buck and picture! 😛

  4. Even giant bucks approve of Clean Coal Power.

  5. Bill Gorman says:

    Only in NE Wyoming! The raw beauty that keeps a lot of us here to stay!

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