Basin Electric’s United Way commitment: Change starts here

Basin Electric’s commitment to bettering the communities in which its employees and their families live and work goes far beyond a few emails and posters. Read the story in the Nov-Dec 2012 Basin Today: Change starts here at Basin Electric.

Touchstone Energy volunteers during Day of Caring.

Posing beside their artwork along the Touchstone Trail are, from left: Erin Huntimer, Basin Electric; Wes Engbrecht, Capital Electric; Kacey Diehl; Jeannie Koffler, Basin Electric; Karen Will, Basin Electric; Tracey Krusi, Basin Electric; Lori Leier, Basin Electric; Chad Heck, Basin Electric; Michele Hellman, Basin Electric; and Jodi Schlatter, Basin Electric. Photo by Mike LaLonde.

This summer, employees took that commitment outdoors to Papa’s Pumpkin Patch near Bismarck, ND.

The volunteer effort was part of Missouri Slope Areawide United Way’s annual Day of Caring on Aug. 15.

Papa’s Pumpkin Patch, and the yard of pumpkin patch owner “Papa” Dave Pearce and his family, was damaged in the catastrophic 2011 Missouri River flood, which inundated homes and property all along the river.

Employees from Basin Electric, Mor-Gran-Sou Electric Cooperative, Capital Electric and the North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives, as well as members of the Bismarck High School Demonettes dance team, painted, pounded and trimmed to ready the patch for its 30th season, which ran Sept. 10-Oct. 20.

Among the projects was the recreation of the Touchstone Trail, which was named in honor of the Touchstone Energy employees who played such a large role in the pumpkin patch’s recovery.

The Touchstone Energy team was led by co-captains Vickie Volk, Basin Electric Human Resources program coordinator, and Shawna Piatz, Basin Electric auditor II.

“It’s fun just to see everybody work together as a big family. I think that’s what the co-op spirit is, is a family and just working together,” Piatz says.

Enjoy these shoutouts to the Touchstone Trail and Touchstone Energy volunteers from Pearce, and check out this video showing the volunteers hard at work at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch during the Day of Caring.


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  1. […] During this year’s United Way “Day of Caring”, employees from Basin Electric, Mor-Gran-Sou, Capital Electric and NDREC were able to help out Papa’s Pumpkin Patch.   The Pumpkin Patch was damaged in the catastrophic 2011 Missouri River flood.  One of the projects that was made and finished that day was the Touchstone Trail at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch.  Click here to read more about this on Basin Electric’s Blog. […]

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