Basin Electric employees gather to support Reich family

Taco-in-a-bag fundraiser

Basin Electric employees lined up in large numbers to support a tragedy-stricken North Dakota family.

Even the slightest glimmer of hope can help brighten the darkest of days. On Nov. 14, Basin Electric employees helped provide that shred of hope for one heartbroken North Dakota family.

Employees at Basin Electric Headquarters held a taco-in-a-bag fundraiser today, with proceeds going to the Reich family of rural Zap, ND.

Jack and Mardee Reich were traveling home from Rochester, MN, with their son, Vander, on Nov. 6 when they suffered a head-on collision about 25 miles from Rochester. Jack, 43, and Vander, 10, were both killed in the crash. Mardee was returned to Rochester for medical care after the accident. The driver in the other vehicle died.

Vander was diagnosed with a brain tumor on Oct. 22 and underwent surgery to remove the tumor. He was to recuperate before beginning treatment later this month. The family was on their way home to their Zap ranch to reunite with their two other younger children.

Read more about the lives of Jack and Vander in this Bismarck Tribune article.


  1. basinelectric says:

    A fundraiser for the Reichs was also held today at Basin Electric’s Antelope Valley Station, with similar events planned next week at Leland Olds Station and Great Plains Synfuels Plant. Watch for a story on all the details!

  2. Just got word that our employees raised almost $2,000! Wow!

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