Contestant from The Voice rocks Basin Electric Annual Meeting

Gwen Sebastian shares a smile with the annual meeting audience.

North Dakota’s very own country music star brought energy and entertainment to the annual meeting banquet stage on Nov. 7. Gwen Sebastian sang a wide range of tunes for Basin Electric’s friends and family, including country, old and new, and a sprinkling of rock and roll.

A native of Hebron, ND, Sebastian jumped from small-town venues to big-time exposure by appearing on NBC’s singing competition The Voice. Country music superstar Blake Shelton, a coach on the show, took her under his wing, and shared the stage with her during his summer tour.

Sprinkled between cover songs during her annual meeting performance were some of Sebastian’s own songs, which have been popular on country music stations across the country. Watch the video of her performing her 2009 song, Hard Rain, at Basin Electric’s annual meeting banquet.


  1. What’s the tech for getting Gwen’s hair to blow back onstage inside the civic center? Nerd question, but I was wondering.

  2. Tracie B. says:

    I’m pretty sure there was just a little desk fan on the stage, pointed up at her.

  3. Reblogged this on BTInet net-worthy news and commented:
    Gwen Sebastian comes back to ND to join us at the Basin Electric Annual Meeting. We are all very proud of her success and wish her the best in the future!

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