Co-op Month: Community support

October 31 does not only celebrate Halloween, it also wraps up National Co-op Month. This post though, is about our next autumn holiday, Thanksgiving.

Joe-Connot hosts Thanksgiving dinner

It’s a South Dakota Thanksgiving tradition. Jay Keever (left) and Joe Connot (right) serve a free turkey dinner to anyone and everyone who needs a warm meal and friendship.

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all that we have been given. It’s a time to give to those less fortunate.  It’s a time to celebrate with loved ones and it’s just around the corner.

Joe Connot hosts Thanksgiving

South Dakota communities are tight, and not limited by geography. People come to Murdo from up to 6o miles away to share in the holiday meal.

After Joe Connot lost his wife to cancer, he knew he didn’t ever want to spend the holiday alone. Connot is the member services manager of West Central Electric Cooperative of Murdo, SD. He embraces the meaning of Thanksgiving with friend, Jay Keever, by making Thanksgiving dinner every year for people who have nowhere else to go, and for those who just want to eat turkey in a spirit of fellowship.

The joyful meal that serves 150-plus goes to show that a sense of community can be very personal to electric cooperative employees. To find out what Connot had to say about how his cooperative spirit and holiday spirit come together into one wonderful meal, check out the full story found in the Sept-Oct 2012 issue of Basin Today Magazine: Basin Electric and the membership building a better world.

To learn more about how Connot hosts the thanksgiving meal take a look at an earlier blog post: Co-op man cooks Thanksgiving meal for more than 90 guests.
Also check out the video for an inside look at his home during the cooking.

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