PF12 study validates Basin Electric oil growth forecast

Kadrmas, Lee and Jackson (KLJ) released its study, PF12, on Tuesday outlining Williston Basin growth over the next 20 years. PF12 stands for power forecast 2012. It shows the need for nearly three times current electric load over the study period until 2032.

KLJ load forecast press conference

Andrew M. Serri, chief executive officer, Basin Electric, answers questions during press conference. (Behind Serri, left to right): Dave Goodin, chief executive officer, Montana-Dakota Utilities, Co.; Niles Hushka, chief executive officer, KLJ; Mike Wamboldt, project manager, KLJ; and Sandi Tabor, director, Transmission Authority.

Basin Electric partnered with the North Dakota Transmission Authority, Montana-Dakota Utilities and the oil and gas industry to get a third party perspective on the needs going forward in that region.

“What we see on this study is it validates what we’ve put together, what we see. It’s always good to have a third party, an outside look as far as what we’re seeing in the oil patch,” said Andrew M. Serri, Basin Electric CEO and general manager.

After the study was presented to the North Dakota Industrial Commission, North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple addressed the study at a press conference. He said the electric need is an increase of more than 2,000 megawatts to meet the expected demand. “Some counties will increase even more,” he said. “McKenzie County demand will increase 339 percent.”

He said population growth falls in line with oil and electrical growth. There will be a 52 percent increase in population over the next 20 years just in North Dakota’s 22 oil and gas producing counties.

“You heard the governor mention Mountrail and Williams counties specifically. Truly, in those areas, those counties, Mountrail, Williams and McKenzie are right in the middle of the oil patch. Working with our members, planning and forecasting people, we believe we have our arms around this load growth,” Serri said. Watch the video.

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