October is National Co-op Month!

Co-op Member Family

The Grimm family is living the co-op way.

Co-op Member Family

Kirra Grimm

The celebration of the International Year of Cooperatives continues and this month is particularly special, as October is Co-op Month.

The International Year of Cooperatives was designated by the United Nations to draw attention to cooperatives and their mission to build a better world.

Co-op Member Family

Cameron Grimm

Electric cooperatives do more than just deliver electricity.

They extend a helping hand out to their communities.

They push innovation to meet member’s needs, and they endure in an unstable economy.

Basin Electric is committed to the communities in which our people and members work and live.

This month we will feature several stories that exemplify the many ways in which Basin Electric and the membership are building a better world.

Co-op Member Family

Joe Grimm (far left), walks with his wife, Denise, and their granddaughter Kirra. He is a field technician at the Great Plains Synfuels Plant. Derek Grimm (far right), walks with his son Cameron and his wife Rachel. Derek works as an instrument I at Antelope Valley Station. The Grimms are members of Roughrider Electric Cooperative. 

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