Deer Creek Station dedication

Dedication ceremonies were held today at the Deer Creek Station, a 300-net megawatt capacity power plant that’s a first in South Dakota and a first for Basin Electric. Click here to find out why.

Deer Creek Station dedication

Gov. Dennis Daugaard shakes hands with Roy Ireland, president of the Basin Electric board, following a ribbon cutting to commemorate the commercial operation of the Deer Creek Station near Elkton, SD.

South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard: “I think this is a win, win, win, win. I think there are four wins here. The Deer Creek Station is providing reliable power for rural electric consumers; they’re winners. For Basin Electric, this plant fits into their mix of baseload plants, peaking plants and wind generation. The plant is energy efficient, using a combined-cycle technology. And the fourth win is the South Dakota economy. Basin Electric has brought hundreds of millions of dollars of investment to our state through the construction of Deer Creek Station.”

Read the news release: Dedication ceremony held for newest South Dakota power plant

Watch for video of the event to come.

Deer Creek Station dedication

Dedication guests get the chance to tour the Deer Creek Station. Here, they pick up their safety gear on the way into the plant.

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